Hydroseeding is a modern and cost-effective cultivation option available for landscapers today. It involves mixing seeds, fertilizer, water, and mulch to form a mixture. The mixture is then transported using a tank mounted on a specialized hydroseeding truck and sprayed over the planting areas to cover the bare soil in an even layer of mixture.

Below are the main benefits and importance of hydroseeding.

Saves Money and Time

Compared to conventional cultivation methods such sod, hydroseeding is quick and cost-effective. After the first installation, the maintenance requirements of hydroseeding are not extensive compared to those involved in sod.

Typically, you only require a few workers or even one with hydroseeding, depending on the size of the property. With sod, the installation requires you to employ a team of workers and use several types of equipment, and this, in the end, makes it more expensive. Spraying the mixture is also extremely quick and thus saves time.

Prevents Soil Erosion

Hydroseeding is one of the perfect solutions for preventing and controlling soil erosion. If you have ever tried to landscape on an uneven or sloppy area, you can attest to how challenging the process is. Forces of nature like landslides and runoff can leave you frustrated after undoing cultivation.

Seeds planted through hydroseeding can withstand heavy rains, even on steep slopes.


Most traditional methods are limited to only planting grass. Hydroseeding works well with any seed you want to grow, such as pasture and native plant life. With hydroseeding, you can also mix different seeds to meet your unique landscaping needs.

Hydroseeding is also applicable in multiple business and industry settings, including athletic organizations, transportation departments, land developers, and construction companies.

As you can see the importance of hydroseeding plays a vital role in the landscape design industry. At Tender Lawn Care, we offer a low-cost and high-quality way of hydroseeding a lawn. Contact us today to learn more about our Long Island hydroseeding services!